1 Joy Parker Blackwood, President:
For thirty years Joy has been a business owner in Industrial Show Production, Event Management and Management Consultation. She has worked with both large corporations and individuals to produce stage shows, exhibits, conferences and other events both in the profit and non-profit sectors across North America and Overseas. Many facets of this business have proven to be an invaluable knowledge and skills base to founding and operating Waypointers Inc.

Responsibilities included:

  • project management;
  • hiring local and long-haul freight transport companies carrying ride-sensitive and valuable cargo;
  • Contracting hotel and convention centre facilities, site-surveys, layouts, setups, meeting and sleeping room blocks, food & beverages, decorations and set-construction
  • travel arrangements around the world for small and large groups;
  • coordinating contracts and operations with facility management - union and non-union;
  • finances - as business owner and chief financial officer, corporate and event budgeting, price negotiations;
  • human resource management;
  • architectural design for offices;
  • working with and presenting concepts to client’s senior management;
  • bringing new and creative ideas to each project.
  • All work has been designed to achieve best value and greatest amount of security, peace-of-mind, and sensitivity to the client’s needs.

In 2006, Waypointers assisted a client in moving from her long-time residence in Florida to a Seniors Residence in Toronto, including arrangements for property and personal items sales, change of address notices, other governmental documentation notifications, legal matters, and a complete interior design and renovation of her new home. Local moves are currently in progress in the Toronto area.

The importance of the continuing health and well-being of seniors has become a driving force and reason for redirecting Joy's business life by offering help through Waypointers Inc.

Our Seniors possess a wealth of knowledge and are vital members of our families. However, as time passes their lives are incrementally disrupted by the passing of a spouse and life-long friends, or frustrating frailties creep in that curb their mobility. Often their children or other close family members are too busy with their own lives to have the time, or by distance cannot be closely involved as much as they may want. The result can mean a real sense of alone-ness, a sluggishness in desire to participate in life’s bounty, a fear of taking over responsibilities that were taken care of by a loved one. Compounding all this is the fear of change, the unknown or untried - or where to begin again even if they want to jump in enthusiastically with both feet!
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