Waypointers Services
Choose which moving services best meet your needs and we’ll map out a plan that fits within your anticipated time frame and budget.

Whether it’s across town, across the country or across the border, Waypointers will plan and coordinate every phase of your move with thoughtful care, efficiency, professionalism and a smile.

For your added peace of mind, we are fully insured!

Take Off: Preliminary Consultation

  • Meet you. Getting to know new people is always fun!
  • Assess the need to move and when.
  • Help you sort through many decisions you will have to make and free you from any moving fears or concerns.
  • Review and explain our services best suited to your needs.
  • Prepare a preliminary organizational plan and pricing estimate.

Waypoint 1: Current Home

  • Manage distribution and/or liquidation of possessions.
  • Address and other contact change notifications
  • Sorting and packing
  • Final cleaning.

Waypoint 2: Preparations For Moving Into Your New Home

  • Help you determine which type of new home best suits your needs and lifestyle: purchased or rented smaller house, condominium or seniors’ residence.
  • Visit locations that interest you.
  • Liaise with property management for all your living needs and moving logistics.
  • Interior Design: We can design a whole “new look” for you whether you are bringing furniture or wish to buy new.

Waypoint 3: Real Estate Services

  • Acquire and/or liaise with real estate agent if property to be sold.
  • Sub-contracting for home renovating if needed.

Waypoint 4: Trucking/Freight Movers

  • Acquire and manage bids, interviews, selection and overseeing move with reputable mover.
  • Coordinate with Customs if moving between countries.

Waypoint 5: Personal Travel

  • Arrange the appropriate mode of transportation and required documentation if you require personal transportation from your current home to your new home.

Waypoint 6: Move-in Day

  • Oversee moving company load in and unpacking, and if required, coordinate logistics with property management.
  • Unpacking and organizing.
  • Residence or property familiarization.

Landing: You’re In Your New Home

  • Our job isn’t complete until you are satisfied and content in your new home.
  • Consult with you on any unresolved or uncompleted items.
  • Discuss if there is any new business you wish Waypointers to be involved in.
  • Finalize our contract.

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